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Who We Are

Our Founders

Meet Freada and Mitch

Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor, have spent the last decade developing a vision and practice to make the tech industry more diverse and inclusive. Through Kapor Foundation, Kapor Capital, and SMASH, they have taken a comprehensive approach to expand access to computer science education, conduct research on disparities in the technology pipeline, support nonprofit organizations and initiatives, and invest in gap-closing startups and entrepreneurs that close gaps of access for all.

Our Mission and Philosophy

The Kapor Center’s work focuses at the intersection of racial justice and technology to create a more inclusive technology sector for all. We work to intentionally dismantle barriers to tech and deployment of technologies across the Leaky Tech Pipeline through research-driven practices, gap-closing investments, increased access to computer science education, supporting and partnering with mission-aligned organizations, advocating for needed policy change, and more. 

Our Areas of Action


Through our research, we are working to build awareness of racial justice and tech policy topics disproportionately impacting low-income communities and communities of color.

Diversity and Inclusion

To advance racial equity in tech companies, we analyze data trends, provide resources and training for DEIB professionals, and advocate for policies to increase hiring, retention, data collection, and regulation/accountability of tech companies.


We’re working to increase access to tech and STEM education for underrepresented students of color and increase equity in computer science by preparing teachers to deliver equitable CS instruction, ensuring curricular content is culturally responsive, and equipping administrators with strategies to change school-wide policies and practices.

Community Engagement

Through partnerships with mission-aligned organizations and initiatives, we are working to build collective momentum toward policy changes and solutions that will benefit low-income and communities of color.

Venture Capital

We’re working to redefine what venture capital is capable of by prioritizing a new outcome: a more fair, just, and equitable society for low-income communities and underrepresented communities of color, exclusively investing in early stage startups that close gaps of access for all.

Our Family of Organizations

Kapor Foundation

We work at the intersection of racial justice and technology to both impact the national technology landscape and build inclusive tech ecosystems. We conduct research, make strategic grants, invest in entrepreneurs and funds, and inform equitable technology policy necessary to enhance racial justice and equity in tech.


We work to empower dedicated students of color with an intensive science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, culturally-relevant coursework, and access to resources and social capital that allow them to be successful and thrive in STEM education careers.

Kapor Capital

We invest in tech-driven early-stage startups that are committed to using technology to close gaps of access for low-income and/or communities of color.

Special Initiatives

We pilot and scale new programs, investments, and initiatives in alignment with advancing our mission.

Our History


Kapor Capital Invests Exclusively in “Impact” Startups

Since 2011, Kapor Capital has invested exclusively in “impact” startups, a turning point for us and the industry. We are proud to be pioneers in gap-closing investing, identifying and investing in companies that provide both market and social equity growth. For over a decade, we have consistently proved that positive impact does not have to come at the cost of financial returns.


The Kapor Capital Founders’ Commitment

The Kapor Capital Founders’ Commitment helps portfolio companies focus on equality and social impact. Initiated by a group of Kapor Capital founders, the Founders’ Commitment helps founders establish diversity and inclusion as a core value, to become a part of the company’s DNA and positively impact its development and success.


Tech Leavers Study

Published the groundbreaking Tech Leavers Study, exploring why people — particularly women, underrepresented people of color and LGBT tech employees — left their jobs. Coverage of the study’s findings appeared in 50+ publications.


Leaky Tech Pipeline

The Leaky Tech Pipeline framework and website helps increase understanding of the causes of disparities in the technology ecosystem, raises awareness about effective strategies and stages for intervention, and drives the development and implementation of comprehensive solutions.


Kapor Capital Co-Managing Partners Raise Largest Fund to Date

Kapor Capital Co-Managing Partners, Brian Dixon, and Ulili Onovakpuri raise Fund III, the firm's largest fund to date at $126M


Kapor Foundation and NAACP launch The Black Tech Ecosystem Report

In partnership with the NAACP, the Kapor Foundation released the Black Tech Ecosystem report analyzing and synthesizes the latest data, demonstrating the continual exclusion of Black talent across the tech ecosystem, which represents a great loss of talent and innovation for one of the major drivers of our nation's economy.