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Vote to Send Kapor Center to SXSW 2024

We’re proud to announce we have submitted seven different panels to be considered for SXSW 2024! Community voting has just opened and we need your help to get the topic of racial justice in tech on the SXSW stage! We believe that our voices can make a lasting impact, but we need your help to turn this vision into reality! Vote for us below!

1. Transforming Tech Through Public/Private Partnerships

Public/private partnerships can be key to expand resources, spark innovation, and ensure accountability & transparency towards racial justice in tech than any partner alone. Join our panel representing government, philanthropy, and venture capital in identifying approaches to effective partnerships within the industry.

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2. Digital Civil Rights in AI Peril

This panel unpacks the complex ways AI is already impacting Black communities and identifies timely protections and innovations critical to the health, safety, and civil liberties of communities of color, and to our democracy.

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3. Latinx in Tech: Forging a New Tech Ecosystem

Representation matters not only for high-opportunity jobs, but to ensure future workforce readiness to create ethical, responsible, and functional technologies. Learn how to close the gap in Latinx representation in tech creation, design, and decision-making for a more equitable future with our panel.

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4. Diversity Talk in Times of Shaming & Anti-Wokeness

A few short years ago, diversity was the hot topic in tech, with leaders espousing beliefs about the need for a diverse workforce. But our current social climate has begun to stifle this aspiration. Join this session on conversations that advance diversity in the tech workforce and the broader society.

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5. Does the Emperor Have Clothes? Unveiling the Truth of Computer Science Education Professional Development

Despite decades of motion to expand K-12 access to Computer Science and improve instructional quality, the field has not delivered meaningful progress. UCLA & the Kapor Center evaluated the outcomes of a Professional Development grant that reached 800+ CS educators. Join us for real talk on the results and remixing the field’s approach.

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6. K-12 STEM Career Exposure via Esports & Metaverse

3 founders in the esports, metaverse, career and technical education industries on the promise of what these billion dollar sectors hold for K-12. With a combined 20 years of startup experience and will share how the technologies have evolved, the readiness of K-12 to embrace said technologies, and why the future of work depends on mass adoption of these technologies to ensure economic prosperity for under- served youth.

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7. Rethinking the Math: Right Sizing the Venture Capital Model

Over the last several years, the VC investment climate has been in conflict with the entrepreneurs that it purports to support. With increasing fund sizes, sky-high valuations, and impossible-to-achieve returns, the tension between achieving outlier outcomes and sustainable growth could not be greater. This session will cover a reformed version of the VC model that better aligns incentives across all venture stakeholders, creating a path for a more vibrant economy. With an industry veteran, we’ll dive deep into the past that led us here and the innovation required for ecosystem-wide change.

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