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Kapor Foundation’s Upcoming Latine Tech Ecosystem Report Promises New Insights & Partnerships

Kapor Foundation’s 2024 Latine Tech Ecosystem Report Promises New Insights & Partnerships

The Kapor Foundation, centered on expanding access and equity in the technology ecosystem is excited to announce a 2024 release of a report titled, The State of Tech Diversity: The Latine Tech Ecosystem in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and SomosVC. HHF is a leading Latine focused organization that identifies, inspires, prepares, and connects Latino Leaders in the community, classroom, and workforce. SomosVC (fka LatinxVC) aims to increase the representation of Latino and Latina professionals in venture capital, help Latino/a venture investors build their careers and networks, and improve access to capital for Latino/a-led venture firms.

The report spotlights the latest data for representation of Latine communities across the national tech ecosystem; K-12 Computer Science Education, Post-Secondary Tech Pathways, Tech Workforce and Venture Capital. We look forward to this report going beyond just data but also shares recommendations of opportunities for the Latine community enabled through programs, research, investment, and policy. We’ll also include resources so that we can mobilize towards equitable progress and action. 

Representation in the technology sector matters, not only for equitable access to wealth building and high-opportunity jobs, but also to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the competencies needed to create ethical, responsible, and functional technological advances that do not harm users or society (e.g., algorithmic bias), especially groups historically excluded from the technology creation, design, and decision-making.

In 2021, we launched the Latine Tech Ecosystem Report in collaboration with Aspen Latinos & Society that we look to sharing the latest data with our 2024 report. 

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