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Kapor Center’s Gift of Gab: See Where We’re Speaking this Spring!

The Kapor Center team has been out and about highlighting the various initiatives and projects we’re involved with. Recently, our Chief Tech Community Officer, Lili Gangas, spoke at a Facebook Diversity event on the ways diverse communities can have enormous impact on everyday products. Our Community Engagement Manager, Tiffany Price, spoke with the co-planners of the Tech Intersections conference in an Systers tech talk about how the conference went from idea to implementation in just a few short months. Check out that conversation HERE. Our Oakland Startup Network Program Manager, Chris McLemore, and our Latinx Tech Program Manager, Josh Torres, spoke at Black and Brown Founders’ Hustle House at SXSW on how to measure success, as men of color. Our amazing researchers, Dr. Allison Scott and Frieda McAlear spoke at the FWD Collective Summit about our new Leaky Tech Pipeline report and interactive website.

Frieda McAlear, Dr. Allison Scott, Chris McLemore, & Josh Torres

Want to know where you can hear the Kapor Center team speak about our work in tech diversity and inclusion over the next month? Check out the list below!

HR Transform 2018
Date: April 3–5
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Speakers: Dr. Freada Kapor Klein giving a fireside chat on Unfolding the “Leaky Tech Pipeline” & Uriri Onovakpuri on Perspectives on Culture and Technology

U.S. News STEM Solutions: Workforce of Tomorrow
Date: April 4–6
Location: Washington, DC
Speaker: Dr. Allison Scott on Broadening Participation: Closing the Diversity Gap 2018 Conference
Date: April 5–7
Location: Atlanta, GA
Speaker: Dr. Allison Scott on The Ultimate Unicorns: research on black women in STEM

2018 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting
Date: April 13–17
Location: New York, NY
Speakers: Sonia KoshyFrieda McAlearDr. Allison Scott, & Dr. Alexis Martin on Enhancing persistence in computer science among girls of color: Outcomes and predictive variables

The Culture Conference
Date: April 14–15
Location: Santa Clara, CA
Speaker: Lili Gangas on Pay Gap: The State of Inequity
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Untapped Potential
Date: April 19
Location: Berkeley, CA
Speakers: Lili Gangas & Chris McLemore on the Oakland Startup Network

Women Who Code’s CONNECT 2018
Date: April 28
Location: San Francisco, CA
Speaker: Lili Gangas on Activating Tech Communities

ASEE: Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity
Date: April 28-May 1
Location: Crystal City, VA
Speaker: Dr. Allison Scott on Increasing Access to Computing Education and the Tech Workforce

Oakland Small Business Week
Date: April 30
Location: Oakland, CA
Speakers: Lili Gangas & Chris McLemore on tech ecosystem building