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The Kapor Center Celebrates Black History Month with the Distance Traveled Story of Community Engagement Manager Tiffany Price

Southern belle turned international student, now Bay Area transplant, Tiffany Price, has taken the history and experiences of her past to help provide equal opportunity and access for people of color in tech in the future.

As a Black woman born and raised in Georgia, Tiffany has witnessed firsthand the injustices Black people have endured. In celebration of Black History Month, Tiffany shares her journey from the small town of Elberton, Georgia to Japan, Stanford, and now Oakland as the Community Engagement Manager at the Kapor Center.

Tiffany’s journey is one of self-exploration and challenging boundaries. Education was the bridge that connected Tiffany to other countries and cultures, ultimately helping her discover the type of impact she wants to have and how identity can shift with exposure. Before becoming a student and learning through her travels, Tiffany’s first teacher was her mother.

“My mom was a school teacher. Growing up I didn’t think of my mom as a pioneer, I didn’t realize that when my mom went to college, this was during the desegregation of colleges and schools. She instilled in me the importance of getting an education and the opportunities that came along with going to college.”

Tiffany graduated from Emory University and later continued her education as a Master’s student at Stanford University, studying International Comparative Education, after spending a year in Japan. Since then Tiffany has traveled the world, worked in philanthropy, become a coder, launched several giving campaigns at the Kapor Center, used her talents of singing to bring people together, co-founded Tech Intersections, an affordable conference for womxn of color in tech and more.

Although Tiffany’s path has led her to the Kapor Center, her journey is far from over. Watch the video above to learn more about Tiffany and hear her distance traveled story.