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We are immensely grateful to all the individuals who helped design, create, and refine the Equitable Tech Apprenticeship Toolkit.


Kirsten Lundgren (Kapor Center — Lead Author), Kevin Berry, Aubrey Blanche (Culture Amp), Rahul Choudhury, Beti Gathegi, Dominique Hollins (WĒ360 LLC), Meana Kasi, Angela Pablo, Michelle Skoor (Bitwise Industries), Adriana Soto (Bitwise Industries), Jacqui Watts

Contributers and Reviewers:

Candase Chambers (Kapor Center), Blair Corcoran de Castillo (Opportunity@Work), Anna Engstrom (AE Studio), Matt Fortier (Opportunity@Work), Lili Gangas (Kapor Center), Bridgette Gray (Opportunity@Work), Scott Gullick (Opportunity@Work), Leslie Heilbrunn (Opportunity@Work), Jamila Janakiram (IDEO), Yscaira Jimenez (Opportunity@Work), Dr. Sonia Koshy (Kapor Center), Becky Lee (IDEO), Paul Lim (Kapor Center), Melissa Lobato (IDEO), Cheston McGuire (Opportunity@Work), Travis Moon (Opportunity@Work), Cathy Morgan (Opportunity@Work), Alicia Nunez (Kapor Center) Dr. Cynthia Overton (Kapor Center), Brian Pelsoh (IDEO), Hannah Rosenfeld (IDEO), Dr. Allison Scott (Kapor Center)

Many thanks as well to the apprentices, apprenticeship program leaders, and subject matter experts who anonymously participated in early research interviews for this project.

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