Who Walks Away from a 6-Figure Salary? Tech Turnover Explained

Cliff Worley

These are boom times for the tech industry. You’ve heard the numbers: The average salary for a U.S. tech industry worker stands at $108,900, although wages can reach much higher numbers. Recent research puts U.S. tech employment at 7.3 million workers – and rising. However, according to the Tech Leavers Study by the Kapor Center for Social Impact, tech turnover …

Why are people quitting high paid tech jobs?


Thought the workplace of the future would be utopian? Think again. If you’re not working in the tech industry yet, you might be soon, as the sector engulfs more and more professions.

Tech Workers Making Huge Salaries Are Leaving their Jobs over Mistreatment


In Silicon Valley and San Francisco, tech workers’ otherwise plush salaries don’t always pay the rent. But it isn’t the impacted cost of housing in the Bay Area that’s causing the highest rate of turnover in the industry. As a new study suggests, mistreatment in the workplace is the prevailing trend forcing high-paid techies to flee their jobs en masse.

Unfair Employee Treatment Cost Companies $16 Billion


Unfair treatment meted out to certain kinds of workers is driving away people from tech jobs. According to the ‘Tech Leavers Study’ by the Kapor Center for Social Impact, not only is unfairness the biggest reason for tech workers to quit jobs, it can also cost tech companies close to $16 billion per year to find replacements. The study spans …

Why people are giving up these plum $200k+ tech jobs in Silicon Valley


A WORKPLACE with catered lunches prepared by chefs, free yoga classes, botanic gardens to stroll through, a golf simulator and a $200,000 yearly salary. You’d never leave right? Well, that’s the kind of lavish digs on offer from many big tech companies in the US, but a surprising number of workers are leaving these seemingly plum positions.

Unfair treatment is causing the underrepresented to leave tech


Unfair treatment is the No. 1 reason U.S. adults voluntarily left jobs in a technology-related industry or roles within the last three years, according to a study from The Kapor Center for Social Impact and Harris Poll. The study surveyed more than 2,000 U.S. residents