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Zorel Zambrano

Vice President of SMASH Academy

Zorel Zambrano is the Chief Program Officer. Zorel’s dedication to education and equity has landed her in a variety of roles reflective of the diverse educational landscape. She spent 13 years in school districts as a teacher, coach, and administrator in Chicago, Oakland, and San Diego. She also has experience consulting on micro-finance reform projects at an EdTech startup in San Francisco. Her approach is centered around equitable and inclusive practices for historically marginalized populations through systemic change. Most recently, Zorel was part of the Curriculum Team at SMASH.
Zorel is a first-generation college student and a native Spanish speaker. She holds a BA in Psychology and a MA in Education. Zorel was born in Venezuela, grew up in Chicago, and now calls Oakland home.

Other Team Members

  • Jonathan Durfield

    Chief Development Officer SMASH
  • Ludnie Deneus

    Program Director, Northeast Region SMASH
  • Ahna Zackery

    Site Director for Spelman College SMASH


  • Domonique Weston

    Site Director for SMASH University of Michigan SMASH