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Latin@s in Tech

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March 6, 2014

Bullock Texas State History Museum, Austin, Texas

The Kapor Center for Social Impact, along with Kety Esquivel, Principal of Esquivel McCarson Consulting, announce the start of planning for the first ever Latino Technology Conference to precede SXSW.

“I am passionate about ensuring that Latinos are represented in these venues,” said Kety Esquivel. “Moreover, despite the fact that by 2050 Hispanics will be 1/3 of the U.S. population, the divide between the investments and commitments being made in digital to reach the Latino audience are significant. We need to challenge investors, organizations, media creators, agencies, conference organizers and startups to make this commitment. What better place to talk about this then at a pre-SXSW conference?”

“After attending last year, the Kapor Center decided to contribute to those efforts which would maximize the opportunity for Latinos to both benefit from and contribute to the SXSW experience,” said Nicole Sanchez Managing Partner of the Kapor Center for Social Impact. “We believe a one day pre-conference for Latinos in tech will be an important catalyst and milestone towards achieving these goals.”

The inaugural Latino Technology Conference will occur immediately before SXSW and will be a day long event. Proposals for panels will be accepted before the conference and event organizers are reaching out to corporate and other foundation sponsors to try and ensure that the event is accessible to the Latino community.

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