Broadening Participation in Computer Science: Existing Out-of-School Initiatives and a Case Study

This article, which appeared in the November issue of the Association for Computer Machinery (ACM) publication Inroads, outlines the types of interventions designed to increase equity in Computer Science (CS). SMASH was highlighted as a case study within the CS equity landscape and its culturally relevant programming and pedagogies summarized. View Report

Peer Network Effects and Persistence in Pursuit of STEM Higher Education for Underrepresented Groups

Presented at the 2015 National Symposium on Student Retention (November 4, 2015), this poster illuminates the role that gender and ethnic/racial identities play in the formation of peer networks in STEM for underrepresented students of color, with a special investigation of Computer Science majors. Among its findings: ethnic/racial identities, however not gender identities, are proposed as moderators of the attainment …