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The Black Technology Workforce: Designing a More Inclusive Future

Why aren’t there more Black workers in tech, and why is progress so slow? Download infographic here.

Overall data trends across the tech industry show a disparity in Black representation across the ecosystem. Since 2014, advocacy groups (including the Congressional Black Caucus and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition), journalists, researchers, tech employees, and numerous other stakeholders have played a significant role in pushing for data transparency in an effort to increase attention to the issue of the underrepresentation of Black talent in the tech workforce. Yet, actual progress on Black representation in the tech workforce has been negligible. From 2014-2020, in aggregate, there has been only a 1 percentage point increase in Black representation among the top tech companies, and individually, there has been very slow progress.

Learn more about how to transform The Black Tech Workforce into a more inclusive future. Download here.

*Updated June 11 to include a redesigned chart and updated data on page 2 of the report.