Windcall: You Deserve a Break

The Windcall Institute has just announced the call for applications for its renowned residency progam, a “mini-sabbatical” for social justice leaders. Windcall is part of our colleague funder, the Common Counsel Foundation. The application deadline is November 30th. Click HERE for more information.

From their announcement:  “A Windcall Residency is a free, mini-sabbatical of three or four weeks, held in a restorative setting with a small cohort of community and labor organizers.  Since 1989, over 435 dedicated organizers have benefited from a Residency (Windcall Alumni).

You will have time to reflect, write, create, engage in physical activities and renew your energies – all in the company of other committed organizers.  Windcall Resident awardees can also access post-Residency coaching.

The Windcall Institute is a national program to renew and develop social, environmental and economic justice organizers.  Our goal is to support valuable leaders staying in their work for the long haul by supporting them in rediscovering their purposes, renewing their energies, working in more sustainable ways, and launching new approaches.”

Just having returned from a sabbatical, I can happily testify about the rejuvenating potential of such a break, so don’t pass up this opportunity!

Photo borrowed from the Windcall website.

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