What’s in a Name?

rantOkay folks, here’s my first rant (at least on this blog). Mitch Kapor was recently a guest on a panel where the moderator repeatedly mispronounced his – and the Foundation’s – name. Mitch is too polite to razz people about it, so I’m going to! I’ve heard this mistake multiple times, even after I’ve corrected people. And since I have a name that folks used to mispronounce before the ascent of Cedric the Entertainer, I’m empathetic to the cause of correct name pronunciation.

Kapor is pronounced KAY-por: kay like the eleventh letter of the English alphabet, and por like the phonetically-spoken Spanish word for “through.”

Being near Silicon Valley, I know it’s tempting to give a nod to our Hindustani brothers and sisters by saying “kuh-POOR,” but Mitch is Jewish and from Long Island, so it’s KAY-por.  KAY-por! KAY-por! KAY-por!

Okay, I’m through. Thanks for reading and praticing.

And by the way, my name is SED-rik, not SEED-rik. 😉