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whatworks_logoI’m still thrilled about the convening that we just hosted this past Monday and Tuesday, WHAT WORKS: A Post-Elections Report Back. We gathered representatives from each of our Project 2008/VoICE grantee organizations together for two days here in San Francisco to hear strategies that worked to increase voter participation and protect the integrity of the electoral process. Through this gathering we hoped to promote idea-sharing, networking and movement-building.

We organized the presenters from each grantee into six broadly-themed panels: Creating Movements, Strengthening Emergent Voters, Engaging Young Voters, Establishing Rights, Revitalizing Democracy, and Making Media Matter.  While the panel format made for two long days of listening, there were loads of rich and worthy information shared.

My favorite feedback is from a pretty forthright guy who said:

“Thanks for a great convening. Seriously, when funders throw these things, they can get a bit dry or canned. I’m really glad you didn’t go for a bunch of gimmicky conference tricks that are en vogue – like speed dating, etc. Just goes to show when u have some good program areas and real work happening, talking about them can be pretty interesting. I was able to network with some groups and will definitely follow up with groups to see if we can share and build our programs.”

We’ll post audio files, photos, and a special format summary on our website on February 10th so that everyone can hear WHAT WORKS. Meanwhile, I enthusiastically THANK all of our guests for participating and encourage all of them to keep up their vital and terrific efforts!!

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