On behalf of the board and staff of the Kapor Center for Social Impact, welcome to our new organization and our new home online! This has been a journey two years in the making, and we hope that it continues to evolve as our learning does.

To paraphrase our mission statement (because I believe that best mission statements are easily-recitable ones), we’re going to relentlessly pursue ways to leverage tech for positive and progressive social change. This is built on the premise that this ubiquitous connectedness of the 21st century – when put to good use – can and will yield strategies for effectively addressing social change issues. Let me say strongly that we don’t believe that tech is The Solution, but the tech startup scene’s innate visionary and entrepreneurial approach can certainly complement and boost the deep work and expertise of change agents in the nonprofit and social venture sectors. Additionally, we believe that when the tech ecosystem better represents the cross-section of sharp talent in the U.S., we’ll be able to better address a wider range of issues at levels closer to root causes.

But since “tech for social impact” is relatively new terrain to explore, we’re treading thoughtfully and determinedly forward. Please check out what we’re learning through our website and social media channels. One of our central strategies is to “relentlessly share,” and hopefully you’ll join us in a conversation to figure things out together.

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