Volunteers Donate More Money

volunteerI was glancing through the latest issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy and came across an interesting news briefing that said Americans who volunteer donate 10 times more money than those who don’t volunteer.  This was based on a study that Harris Interactive, a consumer research firm, conducted on behalf of Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund.  I would presume that individuals who care enough about a cause or organization to volunteer time may have a deeper connection to that particular cause than someone who does not.  It’s common knowledge that volunteers provide lots of in-kind support to organizations, with some organizations being completely volunteer driven.  But, this study shows that volunteers don’t just give their time.  They give their treasure as well.  I never thought much about this in the context of fundraising and the potential impact that volunteers can directly have on an organization’s bottom line.  But, this study suggests that it may pay to invest in building up your volunteer base, if your organization can support the use of volunteers.  For those of you who want to improve your volunteer outreach strategies, here are a couple of resources that may help: CaliforniaVolunteers, VolunteerMatch, and Volunteer Center.

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