Victory Against Voter Suppression in Texas

We would like to congratulate the Texas League of Young Voters Education Fund, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and our grant partner, Advancement Project amongst other outstanding groups in their recent victory against voter suppression in Texas. Thanks to their organizing efforts, the federal court ruled last week that the Texas law requiring voters to obtain a photo ID in order to vote imposed “strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor.”

As we have seen across the country, voter ID laws have sprouted in various states with supporters claiming to combat voter fraud. The Texas League and the NAACP-LDF countered these claims arguing that the law would not correctly address voter fraud and instead disenfranchise a large portion of Texas voters.

This is a big victory for the movement against voter suppression, however the efforts to protect voting rights and access do not stop here–Christina Sanders, State Director for the Texas League points out. “This is a validation of the power that people have when they organize. But the fight is not over. Thousands of young voters who were placed in jeopardy by Voter ID have a major role to play in this upcoming November election, and we are going to organize them every step of the way.”

To read more from the press release, click here.

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