Two free webinars on information sharing and social media: Tomorrow, 1/5/2011

These two free webinars are part of the Wednesday Webinar series for nonprofit staff and board development.

WEBINAR 1:  Nonprofits: Create New Income Streams While Sharing Knowledge
1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific
Presented by Scott Bechtler-Levin and Florence L. Green of IdeaEncore Network

Almost any nonprofit or mission-based organization can now easily and quickly create earned income through knowledge sharing. Learn about how nonprofits and associations use IdeaEncore to save time and money and engaging memebeers through custom online libraries and re-using others’ materials. Help your colleagues by selling information to each other – a great way to learn faster and save money while generating income.

Decide which knowledge you have that might be valuable
Determine how to price your knowledge assets
Promote your knowledge content easily and broadly
Create new passive revenue streams
Convince your board and staff that knowledge sharing is worthwhile

WEBINAR 2:  Foursquare for Non-Profits
2:30pm Eastern / 11:30am Pacific
Presented by CJ Lucke of Public Remix

This Foursquare, Google Places, and Facebook Places are all catching on as ways to share your life with friends. Nonprofits can use these free geolocation services for advocacy, activism, and fundraising. You’ll learn how to set up your agency and five quick ways to start getting noticed online.

How to add a nonprofit venue correctly on Foursquare.
How to add Tips about your nonprofit
Building strategic partnerships for fundraising
Review of case study of Big Love Little Hearts and One Hundred Squared successful campaign

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