Trying something new

Greetings, community. Welcome to our new blog. Our intention isn’t to get us on the blogging bandwagon (which I think started six years ago), but to use this as a tool to share our grantmaking philosophy, practices, and processes. Two of the Foundation’s core values are openness and transparency, and we hope that this blog will allow us to further share what we’re thinking and doing. We also aim to post interesting and relevant news and announcements.

Each of the Foundation’s staff members will author posts, which we will post on a weekly basis (at the minimum). We encourage you to subscribe in order to learn more about what we’re supporting and trying to accomplish, or at least check us out at your leisure. As of now, we’re one of the very few foundations (that we could find) with an accompanying blog, so this gives us an opportunity to exercise our openness and philanthropic best thinking. My hope is that we’ll all learn something new in the process.