The More Things Change…

One of my favorite community colleagues asked me to clarify “how the Kapor Center is similar and different from what you had before.” Here’s the quick breakdown:

THE SAME: Community-oriented. Focused on inclusion and empowerment for people of color. Tech-enabled. Thinking locally, acting nationally. Funding and advising as key strategies. Conveners and initiators. Sibling of (and distinct from) Level Playing Field Institute. Sharing our thoughts through social media. And great people on our team!

THE DIFFERENCES: Emphasis on partnerships and collaboration instead of responsive grantmaking. Focus on Oakland as a hub of changing, “exciting,” energy. More tech-enabled. Trying to blur the lines between tech/social entrepreneur/”traditional” nonprofit sectors. Three separate entities now unified under one mission!

Please check out our Funding section for more information about how we plan to work.

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