The Aftermath

Wow. I’m stunned. Elated. Much has been written already, so there’s little need for me to babble on, but I’m tremendously happy about the new incoming administration. Moreover, I’m deeply proud of our grantee and partner organizations and the various roles that they have played in helping to prompt the massive voter turnout and monitoring of the electoral process. We’ll soon be able to have a measure of effectiveness of their work as organizations begin to sort out their voter participation data. I can’t wait!

Sure, we as a nation still have a ways to go with respect to smooth elections administration, since elections oversight varies greatly from county to county. I’m factoring this issue into the Foundation’s grantmaking priorities for 2009. It isn’t too early to work on improving on our electoral processes now that voting is in vogue again!

On a strictly personal level, I’m mad and disappointed about the passage of Prop. 8, the latest in a series of mean-spirited, progress-limiting initiatives written into law (remember 187, 209, 227, and 22?). I continue to question the role – or even the legitimacy – of public policy making by mass balloting, particularly in today’s money and media driven campaigns.