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Tech Intersections — Celebrating WOC in Tech

On January 27, 2018, a beautifully sunny and crisp Oakland day, over 200 womxn of color and 50 allies assembled on the Mills College campus for the first ever Tech Intersections Conference to celebrate the contributions of the womxn most underrepresented in tech. The conference also included a half-day Allies Workshop led by Y-Vonne Hutchinson.

Photos by Jay Gash Photography

What started out as an idea just a few months before became a movement, and it was an honor to serve as one of the conference coordinators, alongside Idalin BobéMaira Benjamin, and Ellen Spertus to make this momentous and vibrant gathering come to fruition.

The conference was bookended by amazing keynote speakers, Erica Joy Baker and Leah McGowen-Hare, who both spoke truth to power, shining light on the realities of the tech sector for women of color while also inspiring us to personally strive for new heights while also remembering to lift up those who come after us. The conference sessions included everything from technical presentations on programming in the Go language and breaking into Open Source tech to sessions focused on self-care and career advancement.

Photos by Jay Gash Photography

I look forward to seeing even more women of color get engaged with this conference in 2019. To learn more about the details of the conference, search #TechIntersections on Twitter and read an attendee’s personal account of the event.