Sponsorships (Cash & In-kind)

Since our 2013 pivot from the our family foundation roots, we no longer seek unsolicited grant requests/proposals. Instead we’re most interested in building partnerships that will advance our impact goals, which usually occur through action-oriented roundtables and collaboratives rather than singular organizations. We look forward to engaging with community members in our expanded networks to discuss ideas and partnership potential.

As part of our commitment to expanding access and inclusion in the tech sector, the Kapor Center offer two types of sponsorships of community-based efforts, Cash and In-Kind Events. (Note: We only consider one type of sponsorship per event.) For either type of sponsorship, we are interested in events connected to the Oakland tech ecosystem that: (1) Build tech skills, (2) Increase diverse entrepreneurship, and/or (3) Mobilize tech for good.


We provide small-scale (up to $5,000) cash sponsorship of events that align with our tech-focused mission. We prioritize cash sponsorships to San Francisco Bay Area-based organizations that work to build greater inclusion of people of color in high tech. (Click here to see a list of current sponsorships.)

If interested in a cash sponsorship for an event, please submit a request through our Cash Sponsorship Intake Form. Please submit your requests at least three weeks prior to your event date to ensure our team has ample time to thoroughly review the request. No need to submit multiple requests for the same event; rest assured that your request will be read!



Contact Tiffany Price, our Community Engagement Manager, with questions about cash and space-use sponsorships: tiffany [at] kaporcenter.org.


We would like for the Kapor Center to become a destination for robust conversations and action around tech, diversity and inclusion, and social impact. We are excited about working with other organizations and companies to co-host effective and compelling events to be held in our facilities.

We seek to provide in-kind space sponsorships to organizations and companies that: 1) are aligned with our mission and priorities, 2) will work with us to shape a common tech diversity and inclusion-related event agenda, 3) can cover a portion of the event costs (e.g. catering, speaker fees, etc.), and 4) will bring new audiences to the Kapor Center.

For more details about our facility, built to LEED Gold standards and opened in June 2016, please download About Our Home.

If interested in an In-Kind Event Sponsorship, please complete a request through our In-kind Space Use Intake Form. (NOTE: We are not accepting additional space use requests for October, November, or December 2017. Also, as we are in the midst of 2018 planning, until further notice, we will not consider any requests beyond January 31, 2018.) Please submit your request (only one per event) at least two months prior to your event date so that we can properly develop the partnership together. Note that events should take place between Monday through Friday and cannot be scheduled prior to 8 AM or after 9 PM. To be considered for after-hours events, the event must have at least 20 attendees. Click HERE to see photos of available rooms. For our roof space, chairs are not provided.