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fundraisingHappy New Year, everyone!  I recently received a short article called “Keep Up the Momentum: Use Your Year-end Fundraising to Kickstart 2010: 10 Strategies for Turning Your Year-End Fundraising into Sustained Growth in the New Year.”  The article was sent by Convio, a constituent relationship management software and services provider.  Here is a short breakdown of the ten strategies.  I hope they’re useful to you!

  1. Capture email address for offline donors at events, through direct mail response cards, and through telemarketing.
  2. Use multiple channels (email, mail, and telemarketing) to garner support – Convio’s research shows that direct mail donors who also get email solicitation give twice as much and renew at 10% higher rates than those who just get email.
  3. Get to know your supporters better –  This allows you to segment your lists and send targeted communications and appeals based on their interests, gender, age, etc.
  4. Segment your welcome messages and follow-up practices for the different types of supporters you have.
  5. Be transparent – Provide regular updates via email, direct mail, and phone on how funds are being used.
  6. Promote a Sustainer or Pledge Giving Program – Give reasons why supporters should give on a recurring basis or give more money and allow that money to be paid over time. Convio says that Sustaining and Pledge donors renew at rates 10-20% higher than single-gift donors.
  7. Optimize your website home page by having a strong message, decreasing clutter on the website, and improving registration opportunities which increases chances to get email addresses.
  8. Create targeted website content for your various audiences.
  9. Make email newsletters more engaging: perhaps having two versions – one for prospects/non-donors and one for current donors. You can also give donors a chance to update their addresses or to share stories.
  10. Tap into the power of viral marketing – Donors can help spread the word about your organization if you provide things like Tell-A-Friend links, personal outreach tools, and widgets that supporters can plug into their social network sites.

Hopefully you can find something in this list to help you strengthen your fundraising strategies.

Click here if you want to read the entire article.

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