Report on San Francisco Local Hiring Policy Now Out

On December 25th, 2010, San Francisco’s Local Hiring Policy for Construction became law. This policy was a major local victory as it embodied a major shift in local hiring practices. Unlike the “good-faith efforts” of the past, this new law created standards and expectations for building more local jobs for San Franciscans with a significant portion of these jobs going towards hiring from low-income communities of color.

We’re proud that Brightline Defense Project, one of our grant partners, was instrumental in helping create this law and getting it passed. Brightline’s work as a community advocacy group working towards policy change helped to create the guidelines necessary for local job creation which unlike previous hiring practices, will produce predictable and consistent results.

Last week, Brightline published a report entitled “Putting Local Hire To Work” which details the efforts and process of this victory. Featuring narration from advocates, workers, and labor leaders who worked on the campaign, the report details three years’ worth of policy advocacy and coalition-building, in addition to the law’s early implementation, early goals, and an organizational history.

Brightline’s efforts demonstrate how community-driven advocacy can be sustainable and how a small social justice organization can have a major impact locally, regionally, and nationally through coalition-building. To learn more about Brightline’s work and this milestone in local organizing efforts, please check them out!

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