Progressive Technology Project opens RFP for Technology Technical Assistance Program – Deadline December 3!

The Progressive Technology Project, located in Minneapolis, is announcing its newest capacity building initiative: the Innovation and Integration Partnership Project. The Partnership Project is a year-long intensive program designed to significantly increase organizational infrastructure and skills for long-term, large-scale work.

For community organizing groups, the spheres of organizing, communications, technology, voter engagement, and fundraising are increasingly becoming intertwined. At the heart of this intersection are the technology and organizational practices that support programmatic work.  The Progressive Technology Project’s Innovation and Integration Partnership program is designed to help groups bridge the gaps between communications, fundraising, organizing, voter engagement (i.e. integrating voter work and data with your organizational database and ongoing work), and technology and bring them together in a seamless unit that amplifies and extends the scope of its organizing efforts.

To be considered, groups must:

  • have a substantive project to work on in 2011 with clear goals – the project can be related to technology, communications, voter engagement, fundraising, organizing, or organizational integration
  • be seriously interested in a year-long program of deep engagement with PTP
  • recognize the need for help in building organizational capacity
  • be committed to working collaboratively
  • be willing to experiment with changes in  organizational culture and practice in the interest of building capacity and effectiveness

Preference will be given to organizations that:

  • have participated in PTP’s REVERB trainings
  • designate a project manager who holds a senior decision-making position on the staff
  • propose an innovative project with the potential to build knowledge and skills that could be transferrable to other movement organizations
  • are anchor groups in coalitions or networks
  • have designated communications, fundraising, and/or technology staff members
  • have the organizational capacity and enthusiasm to take on a year-long intensive partnership
  • are open to experimentation

Click here to download the application.

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