Kapor Center for Social Impact Responds to Facebook Diversity Numbers

Kapor Center


Calls Meritocracy in Silicon Valley a Myth

The Kapor Center for Social Impact has issued the following statement in response to Facebook’s decision to release its diversity data that shows the social media company is mostly white and male.  After releasing its diversity data last month, Google announced a partnership with the Kapor Center to help Google and Silicon Valley improve workplace diversity.

From Freada Kapor Klein, Kapor Center for Social Impact Co-chair:

“We are seeing nothing short of a seismic shift in our field. For years, tech leaders have perpetuated the myth that Silicon Valley is a meritocracy. Once we recognize it as a myth we can get down to the hard work of making the myth a reality.”

From Mitch Kapor, Kapor Center for Social Impact Co-chair:

“Diversifying tech is not just good for underrepresented communities, it’s good for tech. We find that entrepreneurs tend to solve problems based on their lived experience. If Silicon Valley represents a narrow slice of society, we end up with a narrow band of solutions.”