The Investor Who Took On Uber, And Silicon Valley

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There is one Uber investor who stands out for how she decided to speak up. It was not very Silicon Valley-like of her, but Freada Kapor Klein wanted to turn the crisis into a teachable moment. And while this week’s events could lead her to say “I told you so,” she has a different takeaway.

Statement from Mitch Kapor and Freada Kapor Klein re: Eric Holder’s Uber Investigation Report

Eric Wingerter

Back in February, we released an open letter to Uber’s Board of Directors and Investors decrying the “toxic patterns” we had observed within the company culture. As we said at the time, Uber’s response to this crisis would be defining for the company. Today’s report and recommendations are  the best signal yet of how they intend to respond. We also said that …

Uber investors who called it “toxic” are satisfied by plans for change

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The couple who invested in Uber starting in 2010 issued a letter announcing their satisfaction with the tough and far-reaching recommendations for change that Uber’s board unanimously voted to enact. They were encouraged by the firing of some senior leadership, and now urge follow-through on the plan with transparency and measurement.

Why Companies Like Uber Get Away With Bad Behavior

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It’s not as though these problems were news to the board. Mitch and Freada Kapor, longtime and respected Silicon Valley investors, spoke out publicly in February about disturbing revelations like Ms. Fowler’s.

Uber investors praise its pledge to overhaul workplace culture

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“Our stated hope all along was that Uber could leapfrog other companies to be a real leader in diversity and inclusion,” they said Tuesday. “At this point we believe that the company deserves some room to put the plan into effect and show us what can be done.”

Uber’s Problems Are Silicon Valley’s Problems

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“If you look at how the big companies are trying to change, it’s just not happening,” says Ellen Pao, a partner at Kapor Capital who famously sued her previous venture firm Kleiner Perkins for gender discrimination and lost. “Most people believe that diversity and inclusion and an open, fair culture are good for business. The problem is that some people believe …

Gary Vee Holds Fireside Chat with Minority Entrepreneurs

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Cliff Worley Previously the chief digital officer for Daymond John and currently digital engagement director for Kapor Center for Social Impact, the epicenter of social impact startups developing tech-based solutions to real world problems. Instagram enthusiast. IG: fiscalcliff

Technology start-ups founded by women hire more women, study finds

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“As an executive and then CEO of Reddit, I saw that I could hire women and people of color who were more qualified and more excited about their roles,” Ellen Pao said. “I have no doubt it was in part because I am a woman of color.”

Who Walks Away from a 6-Figure Salary? Tech Turnover Explained

Cliff Worley

These are boom times for the tech industry. You’ve heard the numbers: The average salary for a U.S. tech industry worker stands at $108,900, although wages can reach much higher numbers. Recent research puts U.S. tech employment at 7.3 million workers – and rising. However, according to the Tech Leavers Study by the Kapor Center for Social Impact, tech turnover …

New Program Molds HBCU Students into Tech Investors

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She has lined up a dream team of investors and mentors for students will work with. They include Charles Hudson, managing partner at (Precursor Ventures); Brian Dixon, a partner at Kapor Capital; and Monique Woodard, the first African American venture partner at 500 Startups. All told, now has 14 mentors with plans to add more.