Why Freada Kapor Klein thinks there’s a moral crisis in Silicon Valley

Jena Pruitt

Every week, it seems, brings new ethical questions about Silicon Valley. A seemingly endless rash of sexual scandals in the venture community. Twitter supposedly used by anonymous Russian trolls to rig the American election. A straight-faced Mark Zuckerberg denying Facebook has a problem with fake news. Uber banned in London and vilified everywhere else. Google guilty of anti-trust violations. Apple and Amazon fined billions of dollars for not paying their taxes.

Building Block at Blockable May Change Industry

Jena Pruitt

There are a few numbers that seem to drive Blokable, the local startup company with deep-pocketed investors. One is that global construction spending is a $10 trillion endeavor. Much in the same way HP Inc. is drafting ways to upend manufacturing with 3-D printers, Blokable has set its sights on disrupting housing construction as we know it. Another number is …

They’re changing the face of Silicon Valley

Jena Pruitt

Tiffany Smith couldn’t stop fidgeting. The 27-year-old had flown halfway across the country from Chicago to pitch a room full of venture capitalists in Oakland, California, about her startup: a website connecting ex-inmates to construction and other blue-collar jobs. Smith’s examiners included Freada Kapor Klein, 64, and her husband, Mitch Kapor (pronounced KAY-Por), 66, longtime advocates for social change in …

Anita Hill On That Google Memo And What’s Next for Women in Tech

Jena Pruitt

This has been a difficult week for the technology industry, particularly for those who care deeply about diversity and inclusion. By now, many of us have read the viral memo penned by a former Google employee, James Damore, who questioned the efficacy of Google’s internal bias training and diversity initiatives. In doing so, Damore also suggested certain biological reasons may …

Silicon Valley finally faces a reckoning with sexism

Jena Pruitt

When Susan Fowler alleged in February that sexism and sexual harassment was rampant at Uber, it wasn’t just the charges that were shocking. It was her willingness to speak out against a powerful former employer.


Cliff Worley

The stories are vile. Women entrepreneurs face sexual advances by the VCs they rely on to get their companies off the ground. They are bribed to keep quiet. They are threatened to shut up. Their supporters are labeled “whiners” and worse.

Women who left tech jobs were sexually harassed and passed over for promotions, report says

Cliff Worley

Camila Minor considered enrolling in college after immigrating to San Francisco from Brazil, but instead opted for Hackbright Academy, an all-female computer coding course. Inside the Hackbright classroom, 22 women were learning the computer language Python. The walls were covered in cheerful Post-it notes with handwritten notes that say things like, “You’re amazing.” Some of women were even high-fiving each …

Silicon Valley investors under scrutiny for harassment

Cliff Worley

The technology sector, and especially the start-up culture in Silicon Valley, has long been criticized for its record on diversity, gender and inclusion. Now, the spotlight is being shone a spotlight on the investors and funders in the valley.

Pride 2017: Brown works to address tech equity

Eric Wingerter

“At Kapor’s core, we’re a racial justice organization,” said Brown, the chief of community engagement. “We’re pushing inclusion with race as the central lens, which necessitates talking about all inclusion. So all things get put on the table. We weave intersectionality into that, including women, people of color, and LGBT.”