Google to address diversity dilemma with Kapor Center counsel

Kapor Center

May 29, 2014, 7:24am PDT

Sarah Drake


Silicon Valley Business Journal

After Google disclosed data yesterday that showed its employee base is largely white and male, the company announced a partnership with the Kapor Center for Social Impact to boost its workplace diversity and “fix a leaky pipeline problem in tech.”

The focus of the partnership is to address barriers and other issues that may inhibit Google from being an inclusive employer, according to a press release.

“The best entrepreneurs see big problems and create new solutions. Typically, they develop products that address a gap from their lived experience,” Mitch Kapor, an entrepreneur-turned-investor and co-chair of the Kapor Center, said in a statement. “By not proactively embracing diverse talent, Silicon Valley is leaving out entire markets that could yield untapped revenue.”

Google and the Kapor Center’s plan to amend the problem touches on three steps:

1. Foster an unbiased and inclusive workplace.

2. Over the short term, boost the diversity of the hiring pool by searching for real talent and not just recognizing patterns of familiar candidates.

3. Over the long term, invest in fixing the pipeline to tech jobs by creating new generations of talent and developing a pipeline that resembles America.

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