Partnership Profile: Oakland Local

We’re excited to share this news of our new partnership with Oakland Local, the “independent, nonprofit news resource”  providing an “authentic” and inclusive voice examining local issues.

Together we have surveyed the burgeoning Oakland tech ecosystem and aim to create an interactive map and a series of feature stories about the entrepreneurs and contributors who are a key part of this broad tech community. Our shared hypothesis is that Oakland possesses the frame and potential for a sustainable tech economy (my words), one that can provide good jobs for Oakland residents, a good business environment for startups and companies, aspires to a greater good through the mobilization of tech resources and community smarts, and doesn’t exacerbate the income inequalities being exposed (as explored in George Packer’s article in the New Yorker in which Mitch is quoted).

At least that’s the vision. Stay tuned for more work on this front!

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