Our Work

Our pioneering work ranges from education programs and community building to evangelism and investing. Throughout all our work, we aim to support those who bring new ideas, voices and innovations to the table, inspired by their own lived experiences.

Education & Career Pathways

Instilling Passion for STEM and Creating Future Workforce Leaders

The Kapor Center is building a thriving, diverse STEM workforce through SMASH, an organization providing world-class, culturally competent education experiences. Our SMASH programs address the root causes of inequality in STEM, moving us toward a future where discrimination does not hinder opportunity or innovation.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

In our diversity and inclusion work, we collaborate with organizations to uncover and eliminate biases and structural obstacles for underrepresented talent. We combine the expertise of a think tank with the guidance of a consultancy to create actionable, meaningful and sustainable change.

Community Engagement

Cultivating Ecosystems Where Innovation Thrives

Our team is building a vibrant community where innovators and entrepreneurs from every background can thrive. We aim to create a blueprint for inclusive innovation that can be activated in cities across the country.


Understanding Barriers and Discovering Solutions

The Kapor Center conducts research, funds external research, shares findings and best practices, builds capacity among stakeholders and informs policy. Our unparalleled analysis of data, trends and interventions underpins all of our work, helping us improve opportunities for underrepresented genius while strengthening our national economy.

Venture Capital

Investing in Gap-Closing Entrepreneurs and Ideas

Through Kapor Capital, we invest in seed stage startups that close gaps of access, expand economic opportunity and make a positive impact in our society and the economy.