Our People in the News: On Corporations

Just last week I had the opportunity to meet Bob Edgar, former U.S. congressman and current president of Common Cause. He stopped by for a visit while in town with Nick Nyhart, president of our grant partner organization, Public Campaign. They were on a West Coast tour of sorts, updating activists and funders on their collaboration work. So I was glad to open up the Sunday Chronicle and see an editorial discussing clean elections and the potential impact of  the Citizens United vs. FEC case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. A ruling in this case could essentially roll back restrictions on corporate giving to federal campaigns. Nick and Bob are great leaders in the movement to improve the integrity of U.S. elections as representing the will of the our communities, not companies. The necessary distinction between democracy and capitalism has gotten too blurry for my comfort…

I was also happy to stumble upon an excerpt in the Washington Post written by a former student of mine! Lanre Akinsiku is a recent IDEAL Scholar and graduate of UC Berkeley who is now a Coro Fellow out of southern California.  He had thoughtful insights on the opportunities and limitations of corporate social responsibility. Go Lanre! Go Lanre! Do the daggone thing! I’m so proud! 🙂

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