Oakland’s Port is a People’s Port – By Nikki Fortunato Bas (EBASE Executive Director)

For years, EBASE and many other groups have been working to make the Port of Oakland a place that is accountable, and creates quality jobs, clean air and real opportunities for Oaklanders.  We have an immediate opportunity to make Oakland a People’s Port as the City Council considers a jobs policy that would ensure the massive expansion of port activities onto the former Army Base leads to thousands of good paying jobs for Oakland residents.  The City will consider this policy on December 13.

The Army Base is one step towards creating a People’s Port that provides:

  • Good quality, safe jobs to keep families in our homes.
  • Real employment opportunities for Oakland residents to bring peace to our streets.
  • Clean air for our children to breathe.
  • Opportunities for responsible small, local businesses to grow and thrive.
  • Government and corporations that put people, not profits, first.

Join us this Thursday for a teach-in to learn how mega-corporations of the 1%, like Wal-Mart, Target, HMS Host, and SSA Marine (which is owned by Goldman Sachs), make ENOURMOUS profits at the ports on the backs of workers and community residents, and how we can hold these corporations to high standards to provide quality jobs, clean air and real opportunities for our communities.  Hear from workers and residents affected by the port and related industries, and talk with neighbors about real solutions to make Oakland a People’s Port!

WHAT: Oakland’s Port is a People’s Port TEACH-IN

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 8, 6-8pm, doors open at 5:45pm

WHERE: Bay Area Christian Connection Church, 810 Clay Street, in Old Oakland

Dinner provided and translation available.

Click here to RSVP.

Get caught up on the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports campaign to win clean air and good jobs for port truck drivers and learn about critical next steps on the Revive Oakland Campaign to bring THOUSANDS of jobs to Oakland through the redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base.

Questions?   Please contact Andrew Dadko, EBASE Program Director, 510.893.7106 x 318 or info@workingeastbay.org