New Report Released on Voter Fraud

A new investigative report conducted by News21, funded by the Carnegie-Knight Foundation reveals that voter fraud happens much less than Republican advocates of voter ID laws will have one believe–in fact, it virtually never happens. News21 takes a look at the 375 cases that the Republican National Lawyers Association sites as examples of voter impersonation and found not one showed fraud. In addition, they gathered and examined poll information of alleged fraud from all 50 states and found that out of a total of 2,068 cases, only 10 were related to voter impersonation. As an editorial by the Washington Post points out, voter ID laws have been partisan motivated from the beginning. “People without IDs are more likely to be poor and in a minority, groups that vote disproportionately for Democrats. If lawmakers were serious about maintaining the integrity of the vote without depressing minority voting, they would at least include provisions in their legislation to help voters get IDs.”

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