Need interns?

Our partner organization, Level Playing Field Institute,  is seeking internship  providers for its undergraduate IDEAL Scholars.  IDEAL undergraduates are top-notch students at UC Berkeley, and they understand the value of gaining meaningful work experience to supplement their education. IDEAL Scholars are interested in placements in the fields of business, communications, government, healthcare, education, social justice, law, research, and tech.

Internships should be between 8-10 weeks long, and LPFI prefers that organizations provide interns with a stipend ($3,000 per summer).  For organizations unable to compensate Scholars, limited funding is available. Your participation could provide an enriching summer experience for your organization and these scholars as well; not to mention the opportunity to get some much-needed work done.

If you have a summer internship opportunity for one or more IDEAL Scholars for this summer of 2010, please contact Sumaiya Talukdar, LPFI’s Scholarship and Internship Coordinator.  You can email her at sumaiya AT lpfi DOT org or by phone at 415-946-3047.

Find out more information regarding the types of internships Scholars are looking for and how to offer Scholars internships at LPFI’s internship page.

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