MKF Goes to Sacramento

Back in August, the Mitchell Kapor Foundation co-sponsored Green Collar Jobs: Green Economy and Workforce Development – A Learning Agenda. This summit in the state capital provided a forum for various sectors to share the progress they’ve made in preparing for and advancing the state’s green economy.

Over 80 people attended, from Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez, to Labor and Workforce Development Agency Secretary, Victoria Bradshaw, to the Bay Area’s “clean tech” entrepreneurs, community college leaders, foundations, and grassroots organizations. The summit was organized by the EarthHouse Leadership Center and funded by the Tides Center, the Bank of America Foundation, and the San Francisco Foundation as well as the Mitchell Kapor Foundation.

The summit was a terrific opportunity for state agencies to talk with private foundations, for nonprofits to talk with regional collaboratives, and for private sector employers and investors to talk with public agencies – in other words, for all of  us to reach across our respective silos. In doing so, we developed a deeper understanding of how we can work together to build a more sustainable and equitable green economy in California.

The work of the summit continues on September 30th with a meeting of local foundations hosted by the Tides Center. The meeting will further develop a learning and action agenda for foundations to examine best practices and make the most effective investments in California’s green economy.

For more information about the summit, please visit the Funders’ Network for Green Collar Jobs.

Mary Newson helped to organize the summit on behalf of EarthHouse and is currently working with the Foundation on systems issues.

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