Keeping up with the times

blog_comics_4The times are fast changing.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a text message asking me, “How do u Twitter?” Aside from being side-splittingly hilarious, it was yet another loud and clear signal that the information age is in a new dimension. I know I sound really old right now, but it used to be that if you wanted to understand a topic, you could go to the library or to your personal handy stash of World Book Encyclopedias that your parents bought from a traveling salesperson to get the most comprehensive information about a topic. Then, it shifted to online versions of encyclopedias.  Now, if you’re not checking out blogs or following ‘tweets’ on a regular basis, you’re just not getting the latest and greatest information on anything.  So, in the spirit of making sure you have access to some of the popular blogs out there on philanthropy, here’s a list that we’ve compiled.

Note: The views represented in these blogs are not necessarily the views of the Mitchell Kapor Foundation.

(Photo from ScienceBlogs)


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