Kapors: Oakland as the Next Tech Frontier?

Hot off the press! This past Friday, The San Francisco Business Times released a pretty great article about the Kapors and their perspective on our recent move to Oakland. A subscription is needed to read the entire article, but here’s a taste:

When famed technology titan and philanthropist Mitch Kapor looks at Oakland, he remembers South of Market in San Francisco the way it was in the late 1990s.

“Oakland in particular is the next great South of Market,” Kapor said. “It will be to this decade what South of Market was to the previous one. There’s lots of space, both to work and to live, lots of energy and lots of opportunity. People just sense potential.”

Through the capital group, the Kapors hope to provide early investments in Oakland tech startups that have a social impact and perhaps launch other initiatives such as an incubator.

“We look at how to bring these worlds together,” Kapor Klein said. “Oakland is extremely well-positioned to be a magnet for all those threads.”

Llet me make one important point: as excited as we are about Oakland’s tech potential, we are also cautiously aware of gentrification as a negative side effect. In that case we’d hope to support equitable solutions aligned with our social justice and tech values to ensure that the vibe and mix that make Oakland special can remain in place.

Photo by Spencer Brown.

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