Kapor Community Initiatives

Tech Talent Pathways Partnership – Fostering a TechHire hub

The Tech Talent Pathways Partnership (T2P2) leads greater Oakland’s role as a national TechHire city helping to recode the American economy. It is a cross-sector coalition catalyzing the training, placement, and advancement of 1,000 diverse residents from non-traditional backgrounds across sustainable tech career pathways by 2020. The Kapor Center is a member and seeks to use this partnership as a vehicle to help Oakland residents access careers in tech.

Oakland Startup Network

Through a partnership with the Kapor Center for Social Impact, the City of Oakland, and devlabs, we want to help Oaklanders go from idea to scalable startups that will ultimately drive economic equity and resilience in our community. Through targeted programming in partnership with vetted high quality service providers, we will together activate a thriving ecosystem and reduce the barriers underrepresented entrepreneurs face in the critical early years.

Our Collective – Community Resource Group approach

The Collective is a community of diverse tech professionals partnering to influence a more diverse and inclusive workforce throughout the Tech Industry. As an umbrella organization, it enables two core functions: Cross-company Employee Resource Group (ERG) Collaboration (CEC) and Individual Talent Synergy (ITS). Together, we’re looking to identify, support, and mobilize our communities of color. The Collective is supported by the Kapor Center for Social Impact.