Hack the Hood is an innovative, hands-on program that teaches tech skills to low-income Oakland youth of color, then pairs them with local small businesses to build mobile-friendly web sites and get them listed in online maps & directories. Hack the Hood teaches youth about careers in tech through visitors to companies like Facebook, Pandora, and Ask.com and one on one and small group mentoring by tech workers and leaders.
Going into its second year, their program provides Oakland youth with access to college readiness and jobs and empowers them to be entrepreneurs and knowledge workers.  Their goal is to help youth, help local small businesses, and build a scalable, expandable model for training and supporting youth to work in tech and tech-related fields. By training young people in essential tech and web skills, and exposing them to entrepreneurship and innovative tech careers, they give them confidence to learn new skills,  build careers and lead in their communities.  They are a team with strong mutual respect who enjoy working hard in a collaborative, quickly-evolving environment. Their team has diverse background and ages, but they work together and have a lot of fun, even as we create growth and positive change.
For 2014, in Oakland, CA, they are looking to hire for the following positions:
Program Manager
Lead Instructor
Associate Instructor

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