Grantees Evaluating Our Work

todolist1For the past six months, we’ve worked with Blueprint Research & Design, an independent consulting firm, to start shaping an evaluation of our grantmaking.  As part of this evaluation process, Blueprint will conduct phone interviews with a subset of current and past Kapor Foundation grantees.  Feedback from the interviews will help us to identify improvements we can make to our grantmaking process and to better understand the experience of our grantees.

In the next few weeks Blueprint will contact ten organizations, requesting to hear their reflections on the application process, interactions with Foundation staff, and the community impact of their work. Interview responses will be completely confidential and anonymous; Blueprint will only share the interview data with us in aggregate form and will not reveal to us specifically who said what. Blueprint will compete the evaluation in July.

We greatly appreciate the grantees who are selected by Blueprint to take part in this opportunity for us to hear more from our grantees and to improve our work going forward.

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