Glasspockets and Foundation Transparency

I’m happy to share that the Kapor Foundation is now listed among the foundations profiled on, an initiative of the Foundation Center that aims to “inspire private foundations to greater openness in their communications and increase understanding of best practices in foundation transparency and accountability in an online world,” among other goals.

Each foundation profile lists links to easily accessible information (categorized into 23 practices and six communication channels). We’ve gathered and posted information befitting for a foundation of our size, listing 13 practices through five communications vehicles. Janet Camarena, director of the Foundation Center’s San Francisco office, told me that the site isn’t a scorecard, but “but rather a helpful tool to guide thinking about how [a foundation] might arrive at a more transparent online presence.” The Kapor Foundation is certainly one of the little guys among giants, so hopefully we’re helping to share how a small foundation can still be transparent.

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