Free Mobile App to Help Youth Succeed at Community College – Try It Out!

I recently stumbled upon an article that mentioned a new mobile application that’s being tested here in the Bay Area.  Inspired by its mission to increase completion rates among community college students in the U.S., GradGears recently released GradGuru for the iPhone and iPod Touch. GradGuru is a free mobile application that helps community college students keep track of campus-specific deadlines; better understand the milestones they need to reach to successfully achieve their goals; learn the behaviors that lead to academic success; tap existing student support and financial aid services and resources; and share lessons with each other.

GradGears is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco with a mission to increase and accelerate community college student success. GradGuru is currently being piloted on ten campuses in the Bay Area, but students everywhere are able to receive GradGuru’s tips and tricks. Some of the pilot schools include City College of San Francisco, Laney College, Berkeley City College, and Skyline College. GradGuru is currently available on iTunes. More information on GradGuru is available HERE. If you know of any community college students who may need help with academic planning and students who may be working to transition to a four-year college, spread the word!

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