Foundations: The Shift from Charitable to Strategic

Just came across this blog post, From Charitable Giving to Strategic Investing, which references last week’s Council on Foundations conference in Los Angeles. I immediately wanted to share this article because I love it! For the record, I can’t stand when the nonprofit organizations are labeled “charities” – that’s so buttoned-up-and-white-gloved old school, invoking a dated paradigm that positions nonprofit folks as wide-eyed do gooders, versus corporate folks as savvy deep thinkers (with corresponding deep pockets).  Philanthropy is traditionally positioned somewhere in the middle, serving as brokers between the corporate-generated wealth and organizations that perform “acts of charity.” While there’s much more to be said about that problematic paradigm, I’ll try to stay on track here. I really like Katherine Miller’s post because it succinctly summarizes the shift in the philanthropic sector (and nonprofits by extension) to strategic thinking and execution. Some may say “duh” because that’s how they’ve been functioning all along, but I say “hurray” to the movement to put “charitable” to bed in favor of “strategic good works.”

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