Defining a Green Jobs Movement

Hi everyone!  It’s been a busy and exciting couple of weeks here at the Mitchell Kapor Foundation.

One of the hiFrom the Ella Baker Center for Human Rightsghlights of the month was our Defining a Green Jobs Movement convening, an all day meeting held on March 3rd at our offices with all of our grantee organizations working on green jobs issues.  As national attention shifts towards greening our economy and state-wide policymakers work to build emerald cities, we wanted to create a space for out grantees to meet each other, discuss opportunities for working together, and lay out key elements to defining a green jobs movement with social equity at its center.  There were over 20 organizations at the convening representing workforce development, labor, climate justice education, environmental justice advocacy, community building, cooperative green jobs, social enterprise, and reproductive justice to name a few. It was an amazing lineup of the Bay’s best and brightest!

An as you can imagine there were a whole lot of highlights, but here are my favorites:

•    Opening the morning with drumming and hearing where folks were from and how they felt about nature;
•    Malik Looper of Literacy from Environmental Justice talking about being a new Executive Director and having the other EDs in the room reach out to him;
•    Ian Kim of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights amazingly and excitedly layout the opportunities presented by the federal Stimulus in California; and
•    Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange telling participants that instead of protesting on Titanic as it sinks, we need to work together to build a solar powered-ship built with recycled material where workers aren’t exploited and invite those Titanic-bound folks onto our better alternative.

All in all, it was a great convening and we’re looking forward to having more of these in order to support the amazing work of our grantees.

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