Covid-19 Update: Kapor Center Guidance on Events, Travel, Remote Work, Program Planning (INTERNAL)

Greetings all –
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, we have developed the following guidance for staff regarding future events, travel, and remote work.  We are seeking to balance the current understanding of risks and uncertainties, guidance from the Alameda Public Health Department, and the need to keep our work moving forward.  Our primary objective is to provide staff the support to avoid unnecessary exposure risk by limiting opportunities for potential transmission. This guidance is subject to change at any time as we learn more. 
With these considerations, we are taking the following steps at this time:
  • Events at 2148 Broadway
    • All events at 2148 Broadway will be cancelled through the end of March. We will work to reschedule these events when possible once the coronavirus threat has subsided.
    • Events will be evaluated for use of technologies (like Zoom webinars) if their primary objectives can be met using these tools.  The IT staff are available to help evaluate these technologies.
    • Guidance with regard to events after March will be forthcoming as the situation develops in the coming weeks.
  • External Events
    • We strongly encourage staff to avoid attending external work-related events in person.
  • Travel Guidance
    • Staff should cancel or reschedule work-related air travel so as to avoid these higher risk environments.
    • Any exception to this must be approved by your Leadership Team supervisor.
    • We encourage staff to reschedule personal travel if possible.
    • In the event you choose to travel, please notify People Ops of your dates and destinations so that your return to the office can be planned.
    • Should you learn that you have been exposed to the coronavirus, seek immediate medical care and alert People Ops as soon as possible. 
  • Remote Work
    • We strongly encourage staff to work remotely through the end of next week (March 20).
    • Guidance about next week and future weeks will be forthcoming as the situation develops. 
    • If you choose to come to work, please adhere strictly to CDC guidelines on preventing transmission.
    • Do not come to the workplace if you are sick or if you have any reason to believe you might have had contact with someone who has been exposed to the virus.
    • Watch for an email from IT shortly with tips and tools for working remotely and office hours this afternoon.  If you have challenges accessing the internet remotely, please check with IT about possible solutions.
    • Building doors will be kept locked to minimize public visitors.  Appropriate signage will be placed at the entrance.
    • Managers, staff, and teams should check-in as soon as possible (and regularly) to confirm work priorities in the coming days and weeks.  These check-ins are all the more critical with team members working remotely.
    • This guidance will be updated as circumstances or guidance from public health officials changes.
  • Program Planning
    • Program teams will be meeting to develop contingency plans for their activities should this situation continue beyond the next few weeks.  Please check in with your managers if you have thoughts about these efforts.
    • A priority in these planning efforts will be how we might support the communities of concern that depend on our work and leadership. 
  • Staff Outside of Oakland
    • The situation in the Bay Area is different than in other parts of the country, and what makes sense in Oakland may not apply elsewhere.  We encourage staff who work outside of Oakland to exercise caution and use your best judgement on how to respond to local conditions. If you want to discuss your local situation, please contact your manager or People Ops.

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