CompassPoint Scholarship for Managers of Color at Nonprofits

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services is excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for California managers of color working in nonprofit organizations. This scholarship will cover the full cost (transportation not included) of Management 101, made possible by a grant from the Community Leadership Project.

Using an organization-wide framework focusing on mission impact, Management 101 is an intensive three-day training that covers the key content areas needed by senior-level nonprofit managers to more effectively manage a nonprofit organization in today’s environment. This course will help you be a senior thinker within your organization, provide you with essential management skills to deepen your professional expertise, and enable you to contribute to your organization in a more strategic way. The seminar topics include:

  • Creating a personal leadership framework to manage to organizational impact
  • Strategic and business thinking and planning
  • Financial leadership and management
  • Fund development strategies and principles vPeople management practices that support great staff performance and results
  • Governance and how to develop a board and staff partnership
  • How to measure organizational impact

Management 101 will be offered March 28, 29 and 30 in San Jose, CA and selected awardees are required to attend the full three-day training. Priority will be given to organizations located and serving the South Bay.

Click Here to Apply.

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