CODING NATION: 300+ Programs Offer Coding & Comp Sci Education

We’re excited to announce the release of CODING NATION: The Kapor Center Coding Report & Database. What began as a landscape survey of coding and computer science programs – originally just intended for our internal use – soon grew into a comprehensive collection of such programs. We realized that rather than keep it to ourselves, in a spirit of sharing and open source, we would make the database available for free to the public at large.

Coding and computer science education is on the rise, which fits arm in arm with the Kapor Center’s focus on diversifying the tech pipeline. We seek to identify the players in this growing field in order to help jump start conversations about diversity and representation in the tech sector, as well how to better leverage tech for positive and progressive change.

Over 300 programs, bootcamps, software platforms, and hackathons are listed in this simple spreadsheet database, among other types of offerings. Our hope is that interested community members will: 1) help us to update the data by sending information on additional programs that exist, and 2) use the information to spread the word about the availability of such programs, the number of which has boomed in the past three years.

The database is also accompanied by a brief report that summarizes our preliminary findings about this landscape as well as testimonials about the vital importance of coding and computer science education for both our youth and our nation.

Click here to read CODING NATION.

Click here to view the CODING NATION database.

Are you aware of any programs that should be added to this list? Updates and additions to the list of coding programs are most welcomed! Send to