CNN publishes op-ed by Freada Kapor Klein

Last week, our own Freada Kapor Klein was featured on CNN’s InAmerica with an op-ed piece she wrote discussing the myth of meritocracy in Silicon Valley.  In it she points out the hidden gender and racial biases that exist within the tech world that limit the talent, ideas, and approaches that are cultivated and invested in.

“All of the advantages of diversity – ideas for start-ups born of different lived experience, new approaches to problem-solving and managing – can only be achieved if we loosen the grip of the belief that there is one best way to run a meeting or run a company. Similarly, the belief that there is a clear best qualified candidate for every job holds a grain of truth but also leaves room for bucketfuls of hidden biases… America can’t have a continued high standard of living without finding all available talent, nurturing it and providing opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, investors and employees from every corner.”

To read the entire article, please click here.

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